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Artem Naumov associate partner

For over 15 years we have been protecting the assets of agricultural manufacturing and processing companies as well as helping exporters enter international markets. Since 2012 we are developing the Eastern Ukrainian Forum communication platform, and in 2017 we became members of AgroFood Cluster Kharkiv Supervisory Board.

We assisted with the first projects of Ukrainian agricompanies on attracting investment at NewConnect (Warsaw Stock Exchange), and we continue advising Ukrainian companies in negotiations with foreign investors.

In 2017 ILF partner Artem Naumov was named one of TOP 20 lawyers in agribusiness by Ukrainian Law Firms.


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Our services

Export-import deals. Investment

Are you already an exporter or only planning on entering foreign markets? We can help you build your business abroad taking into account the tax load, check foreign deals contracts for risks and handle the first shipment.

Are you planning to expand your business and seek out investment? We can conduct an audit and pre-investment procedures for your company. If necessary, we will help reorganize your business and protect your interests when signing contracts between investors and business owners.

Deals with land and real estate

Your land lease contracts are close to expiration? We can re-register documents, negotiate with shareholders and help protect your land from unlawful actions by competitors during the re-registration stage.

Are you buying logistics and manufacturing facilities? We can check the seller’s integrity and the facility’s vulnerabilities, analyze tax implications, secure necessary permits and register the contract.

We handle cases on protecting ownership rights to land in court:

  • on violation of the renter's property rights to land and boundaries of land plots;
  • on invalidating land lease contracts and decisions of local self-government/state authorities on granting management/property rights and reclamation of land.

Protection from raiders

Wanton property takeover and harvest arrest are among the most widespread raiding schemes. If you’re facing this, we can help you. Our experts will develop an anti-takeover strategy and help you preserve your assets (harvest and land). We can also submit anti-raiding petitions to the Cabinet of Ministers and Business Ombudsman Council and handle communications with law enforcement. We will protect your interests in court and hold a PR campaign for publicity.

Interaction with law enforcement and regulatory agencies

Have you received an inquiry from regulatory authorities or a notice of the coming inspection? We will inspect such inquiries and prepare replies to them. We will help you prepare your staff and company for the inspections by conducting audits, briefings and training seminars. We will come to you in person to be present during inspections and lodge complaints against the actions of law enforcement and regulatory agencies.



March 13, 2018
Anton Zinchuk
Anton Zinchuk
Olena Kalinina
Olena Kalinina
Hassle-free acquisition of commercial real estate

According to the Property Times 1 , in 2017 Ukraine’s economy started showing signs of recovery. This precipitated an increase in consumer demand in the country by more than 7% and led to changes in the expansion strategies among retailers.