Andrey Kristenko

Of counsel

Andrey protects the rights of citizens and business in the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg) and represents them in the UN Human Rights Committee (Geneva). In 10 years he’s had 31 victories in the ECtHR and not a single failure. The total amount of compensations that his clients received exceeds UAH 10 million. Currently Andrey is handling 50 more complaints of people and companies against Ukraine and Russia.

Andrey regularly shares how to protect your rights in the ECtHR on his public page on Facebook  and Youtube channel. He conducted 50 master classes on law and ECtHR human rights cases for judges, prosecutors, advocates and students.

In 2012 Legal Awards named Andrey Kristenko the best lawyer in the country for protecting your rights in the ECtHR. Andrey retains a leading position in the market in cases won versus Ukraine in the ECtHR.



Feb. 6, 2018
Andrey Kristenko
Andrey Kristenko
Между динозаврами и фриками. Личный бренд в юрбизнесе

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