Aug. 1, 2018

ILF advises DiXi Group on the launch of IT products in the energy sector

Transparency is something that never happens by itself, and yet it provides the best solution for corruption, attracts responsible business and increases public trust for the industry.

ILF became legal adviser to DiXi Group in the implementation of the USAID project Energy Sector Anti-Corruption and Fiscal Transparency Initiative in Ukraine.

Within the framework of this project, DiXi Group analyzes and publishes information on the Ukrainian energy sector which is either kept from the public or allows only limited access.

An online map of the Ukrainian energy sector will be created as a result of this project, displaying cash and resource flow as well as analytics and associated corruption risks. This will make public information on revenues from the extraction of energy resources and payments received by the government from extraction companies. The chain from production to consumption of energy resources will be clear to the average citizen, which will decrease corruption risks.

As part of this project, ILF lawyers will prepare documents required for the development, funding and launch of this IT product, as well as for the cooperation of DiXi Group with foreign and Ukrainian partners within the framework of the USAID project.

Transparency creates fair competition, so we are happy to be a part of this project and explain to Ukrainians the game rules in the country's energy market.

DiXi Group is a public organization founded in 2008 as a think tank for energy-related research and consulting in the field of policy, PR and investment safety. The organization's goal is to implement the standards of European legislation, improve the quality of state regulation, fight corruption and increase transparency in the energy sector.