Blocked shipment. ILF helps clinic get ultrasound machine from Germany

With the healthcare reform gaining momentum and municipal clinics pondering the self-sufficiency route, private medicine remains a viable alternative for many people. We basically want our public clinics to be more like private ones: with friendly staff, modern equipment, proven treatment protocols and sound management.

Business of one of ILF's clients, director of a medical center, is an example of what modern Ukrainian clinics should be like. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to expand his business and services. Ordering an ultrasound machine in Germany was one of such opportunities. The director personally prepared the contract, paid for the machine and received confirmation and a deadline for the delivery. However, on the agreed date the machine didn't make it to Ukraine. The company that signed the contract assured our client that the order had been sent on schedule. The worried client asked ILF to help him get his machine.

ILF partner Serhiy Silchenko found that the machine was stuck at the border with Poland due to an error in documents between the buyer and seller. It turned out that the client registered the acquisition as an individual, while the seller sent the order to a legal entity. Customs clearance and delivery in these two cases are different.

ILF helped the client hire a shipping company, together with its experts chose the best way to deliver the machine, and made sure that import customs clearance was done correctly. Within days the machine was delivered to the client and started helping the clinic’s patients. Even seemingly simple deals can cost you extra time and money if you don’t agree on all terms and requirements with your counterparty beforehand. As for the lawyer's job, it sometimes goes beyond preparing contracts and complaints.

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