ILf completes tax planning project for medical center

An international medical center was facing difficulties in managing business processes and increased tax pressure in connection after the expansion of business by several types of surgical and diagnostic operations, as well as trade in medical goods. The medical center turned to ILF in search of new models of business organization.

ILF lawyers Olena Kalinina and Arsen Buchkovski under the guidance of ILF labor and tax law partner Serhiy Silchenko analyzed the client's business processes, specifics of state regulation of the center’s new areas of activity, amount of financial and organizational costs, income from each type of activity and other related goods and services.

As a result of the audit, ILF lawyers suggested five different models of business organization, taking into account such factors as: amount of tax savings, ease of implementation and further management, convenience of providing services to clients of the medical center, and risks associated with state control and regulation of certain types of medical practice. These contractual and corporate models can be used independently of each other and be adopted by the client gradually as new areas develop and the scope of business operations increases.

Now, should legislation or medical market conditions change, ILF’s client will be able to quickly reorganize operations, which makes the enterprise more stable and flexible.

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