ILF lawyers defend company with the help of business ombudsman

ILF team led by ILF partner Serhiy Silchenko succeeded in closing criminal proceedings against representatives of one of the leading Kharkiv Region meat producers.

The company had been on the receiving end of groundless and unlawful visits from tax authorities since the beginning of 2016. Law enforcement made several attempts to enter the company’s premises, obtain documents and product samples through various means. Officially the investigation only began in May for major tax evasion (despite the company being debt-free). With this said, the client was never granted the status of suspect or witness, making usual measures like petitions and inquiries backed by the Criminal Code non-viable.

ILF lawyers adapted by contacting the Business Ombudsman Council with collected evidence and a complaint against the actions of fiscal authorities. The Council has been protecting businesses in similar situations since 2014. The Ombudsman considered the complaint and went to the Head of the State Fiscal Service and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine requesting that they look into the legality of the investigation. Referring to the Ombudsman’s actions, the lawyers asked investigators to close the case.

The inspection conducted after the Ombudsman’s petition revealed the groundlessness of the investigation, and all activities against the company were ceased.

The client was represented by Boris Zamikula and Valentin Krylovetskiy, under leadership of Serhiy Silchenko.

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