ILF protects Ukrainian land and Crimea property in ECtHR.

Immediately after annexing Crimea in 2014, peninsula’s new authorities began nationalization. Nationalization in Crimea essentially means illegal seizures of the property of Ukrainian companies and individuals without any kind of compensation.

ILF lawyers led by Andrey Kristenko are handling 2 such cases in the ECtHR.

In the first case, the plaintiff, a citizen of Ukraine, lost her elite apartment worth over half a million dollars. Local courts are refusing to uphold her right to the property, which had been acquired prior to the annexation, while Ukrainian authorities are unable to ensure execution of the court decisions in her favor in territories outside their control.

In the second case, Crimean courts, guided by Russian law, cancelled the decision of a Ukrainian court regarding the right of a Ukrainian company to a land plot in Crimea, and handed the land to Russian authorities.

Both cases are made complicated due to the legal vacuum in national legal systems and international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Nevertheless, positive decision of the ECtHR in the case Turkey v. Northern Cyprus, as well as stances of the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe member states and International Criminal Court in The Hague suggest a good chance of success for ILF-handled cases.

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