ILF represents conflict-affected Donbas companies in ECtHR

Hundreds of business owners have been suffering losses in Donbas since the start of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014. ILF lawyers under the guidance of Andrey Kristenko submitted over a dozen applications to the ECtHR seeking compensation for damages caused by the conflict. Our clients include metallurgical plants, supermarket chains and other companies whose property was destroyed in the war, stolen or seized by militants.

There are special circumstances in every case, which significantly complicates protection of property and imparts a precedent nature to the cases. Firstly, it’s the involvement of Russia as the aggressor state that denies its participation in the conflict. Secondly, its the lack of efficient legal remedies, both in Ukraine and Russia. Thirdly, it’s the ongoing nature of violations and difficulties with collecting evidence. Nevertheless, positive decisions of the ECtHR in Transnistria and Georgia cases, as well as stances of the UN, OSCE and Council of Europe member states suggest a good chance of success in cases on Donbas companies represented by ILF.

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