Ukraine will pay Russian national EUR 44,350 for torture and unwarranted arrest

Viacheslav Savin’s story begins in the autumn of 1999 when he first visited Dzerzhinskiy District Office in Kharkiv. He was summoned there as a witness, but he quickly became a victim of a third degree interrogation - he was subjected to torture and inhuman treatment with the sole purpose of getting him to confess to a crime.

The beatings left Viacheslav with a 2nd category disability.

Law enforcement wasn’t interested in investigating this case and let it drag out for years. In the end, the period for prosecuting the police officer who was the primary suspect charged with inhuman treatment of Viacheslav expired, and he escaped punishment. Moreover, during all those years the primary suspect not only wasn’t relieved of duty at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but actually moved up the career ladder, being appointed head of a district office.

In 2008, when national authorities failed to help him, Mr. Savin contacted ILF consultant Andrey Kristenko.

Andrey turned to the European Court of Human Rights. Ukrainian government demanded to have the application withdrawn, arguing that it was premature, investigation was still ongoing, and the police officer wasn’t called to criminal liability. We insisted on the inefficiency of the investigation and compensation procedures in this case.

In 2012 the ECtHR reached a decision on Viacheslav's case. According to the Court, the Plaintiff had been arrested unlawfully and subjected to torture, and investigation of his complaints had been conducted ineffectively. The Court ordered that the Plaintiff be paid EUR 44,350 as compensation - highest amount at the time.

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