Dispute resolution

Olexiy Kharytonov partner

We have been protecting the assets of our clients since 1998 - real estate, land, companies and business reputation. Over the course of 10 years we have recovered more than UAH 5 billion and 3 million square meters of immovable property, and helped 1500 depositors get their money back.

We fought premature debt collection and unsubstantiated attempts to take away the property of our clients as collateral for their debts, recovered illegally sold state and private assets, and helped fend off competitors and hostile business partners. Since 2014 we have also been active in the European Court of Human Rights, protecting the assets of Ukrainian companies and individuals left in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea.

Intimate familiarity with the court practice and work methods of state authorities help us counter the actions of opponents and change our strategy accordingly. Our litigation partners and advocates are proven experts on dispute resolution, banking law and representation in the ECHR (Best Lawyers in Ukraine, Ukrainian Law Firms 2018). ILF partner Andrey Kristenko was named the best at handling cases in the ECHR (Legal Awards 2012), and litigation department head Olexiy Kharytonov is among TOP 5 best litigators in Ukraine (Ukrainian Law Firms 2018).

Our services

We fight for our clients’ property in courts of all levels, get the assets and money of our opponents frozen, appeal against illegal auctioning off of property and handle bankruptcy cases.

We analyze ongoing court proceedings and assess risks for you if they continue or end.

We anticipate the moves of our opponents and prevent them from manipulating facts and evidence. If they try to forge documents or otherwise break the law, we will investigate this and submit the evidence to the Prosecutor General’s Office, police, Security Service of Ukraine or Anti-Corruption Bureau.

When Ukrainian courts fail to help, we protect the property of Ukrainian companies and citizens in the ECHR. We collect and prepare evidence (restoring documents, photos and videos, interviewing witnesses) before turning to the ECHR to justify damages. If you are in the middle of a divorce and facing a dispute, we can help you resolve such issues as division of property, child custody and prenuptial agreement payments.



May 10, 2018
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olga Tarasenko
Olga Tarasenko
Video recordings of surgeries. How can patients protect themselves on the operating table

A patient lying on the operating table seemingly has no rights: neither he nor his family knows what the surgeons are doing. Only the surgeon performing the operation sees the whole picture. Patients might detect an error quickly or after a long time.

March 28, 2018
Olexiy Kharytonov
Olexiy Kharytonov
Reform of the judicial system. Seven changes that will speed up the work of courts

Reform of the judiciary launched in early 2018 has reduced the number of courts and judges, improved their financial situation, introduced remote legal proceedings and expanded the responsibilities of lawyers and applicants.

March 13, 2018
Irina Selivanova
Irina Selivanova
New law on privatization. Ukrainians get the right to turn to European courts

The new law “On privatization of state property” adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 18 January this year simplifies privatization of municipal property and providers better definition of privatization goals.