Рrotecting human rights in the European Court of Human Rights

Andrey Kristenko of counsel

For over 10 years now, ILF has been an undisputed leader in protecting human rights in the European Court of Human Rights. We represent more than 100 applicants and their companies in cases against Ukraine and Russia.

Andrey Kristenko has been heading our human rights activities in the ECtHR. Currently, his efforts ensured victory in over 30 cases. It is a record for Ukrainian legal business.

After years of working with the ECtHR, we have developed a number of know-how that make us more efficient at the national level by using international protection mechanisms, which allows us to get any documents in government bodies, secure a person’s release from custody, recover a company’s assets, obligate the state to pay for medical treatment with budget funds, or even turn airplanes around.

Our services

Strategic defense in court

We can protect violated rights of individuals and companies, and we always get compensation for damages.

Is the government violating your rights or the rights of your company, withholding VAT compensation, confiscating your property, detaining you without cause or persecuting you for your political views? We will lodge complaints against such actions using ECtHR case-law, which is obligatory for the state, and its efficient mechanisms - interim measures, urgent applications and/or unique legal instruments designed by our lawyers specifically for such cases.

Even at the national level of justice (Ukrainian courts and governing bodies) you can lay in a foundation for the future success in the ECtHR. We can help you do this by developing a correct litigation strategy and collecting required evidence.

For companies

When the state violates the rights of companies, for instance, by confiscating property or withholding VAT compensation, when tax authorities impose unsubstantiated fines or disputes arise with the State Property Fund, the odds are always against you. Your opponent is a powerful governmental machine determined to win by any means necessary. Our team of lawyers will be happy to even the odds for you. We can help companies protect their assets in the ECtHR by collecting evidence, lodging complaints, exchanging pleadings, preparing demands on just compensation, supervising property evaluation, handling out-of-court settlements and enforcing the verdict’s execution.

Your company suffered losses as a result of the annexation of Crimea or the hostilities in Donbas? We can help you get compensation. Our lawyers handle over 10 cases on Russian aggression in the ECtHR since 2014. ECtHR accepted all the complaints for examination. The total sum of the compensations reaches hundreds of millions of hryvnias. We are sure in our victory because ECtHR's practice is based on precedents, and the outcomes in similar cases examined by the Court in the past (such as cases on Transnistria, Georgia and Northern Cyprus) were positive.

For individuals and groups

With the help of the ECtHR we protect the right to life, respect for privacy and personal life, secrecy of correspondence and inviolability of the home, right to a fair trial, property rights, freedom of opinion, etc., as well as fight police brutality. Were you unable to protect your rights in Ukraine or Russia? Our lawyers will collect and sort out evidence (by restoring documents, photos and video footages, and interviewing witnesses) before turning to the ECtHR and substantiating the damages. We support our clients during every procedure, assist with out-of-court settlements and execution of the verdict.