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ILF law firm was founded in 1994. It was started by research fellows of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy and a group of practicing lawyers.


clients in 2015-2017

Among our clients are heads of international companies and owners of rapidly expanding Ukrainian business: Mamin Dom, Dish Network, Avon, Basf, Volvo Ukraine, Westron, SPS Commerce.


cases in 2015-2017

98% of them resolved in favor of our clients




Feb. 12, 2018
Sergey Silchenko
Sergey Silchenko
Dismissing Top Managers in Ukraine: Risks and Options

In 25 years of independence Ukraine has been unable to change labor legislation in any significant way.
The current Labor Code was adopted on 10 December 1971, with the adoption of a new one getting postponed time and again. So in the meantime labor law must advance one change at a time.

Feb. 12, 2018
Tetyana Gavrysh
Tetyana Gavrysh
“I like the start-up approach.I have an idea, a concept, we quickly turn it into a product"

Growing up, Tetyana Gavrysh wanted to be a doctor. But when the crucial time before her university years came, she opted to follow in the footsteps of her father and train to become a lawyer.

Feb. 6, 2018
Andrey Kristenko
Andrey Kristenko
Между динозаврами и фриками. Личный бренд в юрбизнесе

Все, что я хотел сказать о себе, уместилось в 100 знаках с учетом пробелов в разделе «О себе» на Фейсбуке. Я говорю «прогугли меня», если кто-то хочет узнать обо мне больше. Это стало обязательной частью знакомства. Иначе, какой смысл создавать столько контента в онлайн? Пусть говорят дела.


Feb. 15, 2018
ILF helps insurance company employees recover 400,000 UAH

After a certain bank’s liquidation, an insurance company’s executive came to us for help with recovering the funds of his employees.


Jan. 31, 2018
Киевский офис компании возглавит Екатерина Заславская

Что определяет положение компании на рынке: географическое расположение офиса или бизнес-модель. Мы уверены, что второе. У нашей компании два офиса: в Киеве и в Харькове, но дела мы ведем по всей Украине.