April 15, 2019

Hospital management under new game rules. ILF lawyers clarify things as part of USAID project

The practical stage of the medical reform in Ukraine has lasted for just over a year now. Some hospitals and clinics have already dived into it head on and are well ahead by now, others go about it gradually and with caution. There are also those who are just taking the first steps in this direction, but all of them lack practical knowledge on how to manage a medical communal enterprise (MCE) in new conditions. More than that - the longer a medical institution has been working under new rules, the more questions its managers, accountants, and HR specialists have.

Training is organized in various regions of Ukraine on “financial, economic and legal basis of business activities among providers of primary medical care”, to increase the capacity of management teams in MCEs that provide primary medical care.

Within the framework of this training, a team of experts from Ukraine’s Ministry of Healthcare, the National Healthcare Service of Ukraine (NHS), USAID and UKAID projects “Support for Healthcare Reform” as well as from ILF law firm train representatives of medical institutions in organizing their work using new mechanisms.

According to the project trainer, ILF partner Olena Khytrova, “We, the lecturers and trainers, are bombarded with questions from the participants. They have to work in absolutely new conditions now - they must decide for themselves how to run their medical enterprise. Before this their work mainly consisted of following orders from the powers that be. This high demand from management teams - for information, legal solutions and experience of other countries and regions - shows that they realize their responsibility for changing our country’s healthcare and they are ready to take full advantage of the opportunities brought by the reform.”

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As part of this project, Olena Khytrova talks about legal regulation of MCE activities, financial planning and funding of medical institutions from several sources at once. The trainer pays special attention to the legal aspects of preventing corruption in such enterprises.

Also, together with ILF lawyer Aleksey Golovin, the experts clarify for training participants the particulars of labor relations in MCEs, including such issues as changing wage systems for medical staff, working conditions and others. Thanks to the reform, any outpatient clinic or primary care center is able to develop a tailored system of working conditions, including remuneration system, extra pay, bonuses, etc. It is important to fix such a system in a collective agreement. Moreover, a clear and transparent wage system becomes a HR management tool and helps retain the best specialists (which in turn bring patients and money) as well as attract new blood.

Learn more about the opportunities that a collective agreement can open for your medical institution here https://ilf.space/koldogovir