We welcome all who aspire to be easy to understand, to develop, and to win.

Requirements for young candidates:

  • You are a 4-6 year student or recently graduated;
  • You have solid knowledge of the main areas of law and follow all the updates;
  • You are good with people;
  • You can communicate your thoughts in oral and written form in a clear, literate and interesting manner;
  • You have a goal and you have already taken the first steps to achieve it;
  • You find unconventional solutions;
  • You are focused on self-development and results;
  • Your English is upper-intermediate or better.

Details of internship in ILF

  • the internship lasts 2 months, 4 hours a day,
  • a mentor, or supervisor, is assigned to each trainee,
  • during the internship, the trainee gets acquainted with the company‚Äôs work and then undergoes a comprehensive evaluation,
  • based on the evaluation, we decide whether to invite you to our team as a paralegal or junior specialist in the administrative field. At the very least, you will get invaluable experience.

How to get an internship:

1. Fill the form

2. Pass an interview

3. Get an invitation to internship