ILF asssists with agribusiness acquisition

ILF provided legal expertise to a large Eastern Ukrainian wheat, corn and sunflower producer on the acquisition of several Ukrainian agiribusiness companies in Poltava Region (5000 hectares worth of land).

ILF investment consultants under the guidance of Arterm Naumov conducted an audit of the target companies and their land to anticipate any potential complications, such as disputes with previous owners, risks of losing land and other property loss due to documentary errors, or tax and financial surprises due to old debts.

The audit revealed the asset history (land plots, buildings and agricultural machinery) and obligations to contract counterparties and the state, as well as the court track record of the companies. Furthermore, ILF negotiated with the seller on the client’s behalf to hammer out the terms of payment to several parties, transfer of ownership, and the transaction’s roadmap.

ILF is currently re-organizing the companies in order to attract funding from European banks.

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