April 2, 2019

Tetyana Gavrysh in Ukrainian Women in Law 2019

Why are there considerably more ratings for women than for men? Having said that, are there any of those for men? Try to recall at least one. You can’t, can you? Naturally, it’s because it is a bit more difficult for women to become leaders in the industries where their mere presence used to be impossible not so long ago, such as politics, jurisprudence, business, space and many more. However, the world is changing, and every rating shows how close we are to the goal of equality.

The concept of gender balance was first introduced into the legal market by international law firms, as this was required by their internal regulations. Thus, the international network of companies PwC has the program He For She, its goal - to support female company employees around the world, create proper conditions for their career growth and involve men as advocates of change aimed at achieving global gender equality at the workplace and beyond. The number of such companies in the world is growing.

Under the influence of global trends, Ukrainian law firms, albeit with varying degrees of success, are also adopting the policy of equal opportunities and start paying attention to gender balance. The annual study Ukrainian Women in Law serves as a status report of these changes.

ILF managing partner Tetyana Gavrysh received her well-deserved spot in the Ukrainian Women in Law 2019, a list of the most successful women lawyers in the Ukrainian legal business. Her active philosophy, professional and social activities not only determine her company’s direction but also affect society as a whole. Involved in the promotion and implementation of the healthcare reform, development of corporate culture and improvement of society’s legal awareness, day after day she doesn’t just break through glass ceilings with her deeds and actions but also shows thousands of others that they are capable of it too.