Anna Zhebeleva represented large municipal enterprise in uah 9 million case

On 16 August ILF senior lawyer Anna Zhebeleva represented a large Kharkiv municipal enterprise in a case on recovery of damages worth UAH 9 million.

The case was reviewed by the commercial court of Kharkiv Region. The dispute arose when a sole proprietor went to court asking for an unreasonably high compensation of damages. The claim was based on the flooding of a warehouse where the claimant’s goods were allegedly located at the time, namely spare parts for agricultural equipment. However, the claimant failed to present documents confirming the rights for the goods and the sum of the claim, the guilt of the municipal enterprise or any sort of connection between the actions of the enterprise and the damages incurred.

Anna’s meticulous defense strategy convinced the court that the claims against the client were both unlawful and unsubstantiated.

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