Harley Davidson for ILF’s client

ILF’s client – a foreign national – and his family rented a country house in Kiev Region. A year later the owner suddenly decided to raise the rent. The rent agreement and the law did not allow him to do this unilaterally, so ILF’s client rightfully refused to pay increased rent until the expiration of the agreement.

In response, the landlord changed the locks and denied our client and his family access to the house, property and things left there. After negotiations, the owner returned some of the things, but kept for himself his tenant’s HARLEY DAVIDSON as compensation for unpaid rent.

To protect the client’s interests and property, ILF attorneys Olena Petrova and Andrey Poddymai appealed to the National Police, which opened criminal proceedings.

After a search at the landlord's house authorized by the court, the police found our client’s motorcycle and confiscated it. All investigative actions were carried out promptly, and the client got his motorcycle back in time for season opening.

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