Anton Zinchuk helps startup set up e-documentation service

More and more Ukrainian companies are adopting e-documentation while other companies develop web services to help them along.

One startup team saw this idea's potential. They decided to create a service that would allow exchanging documents between private, municipal and public enterprises and governmental agencies. The service was meant to allow filling out readily available document forms, such as tax reports or petitions to a state body. It could also apply a digital signature and confirm a document’s delivery.

Before launching the project, startup owners wanted to know exactly how to make documents sent via the service legally valid. In order to anticipate required investment, they had to know whether any permits were required to set up the service. The startup came to ILF with these questions.

We told them that a digital signature is the most reliable way to verify a document. It is considered equal to a personal signature, making it a completely legal process. However, it is important to satisfy the following requirements when using a digital signature:

1. The signature must be verified with an enhanced key certificate.

2. The enhanced key certificate must be current.

3. The user's personal access key must match the open key indicated in the certificate.

ILF also explained the issue of license and other permits for the service:

  • the service doesn’t require a license or other permits; - software certification is necessary only if governmental agencies as well as public and municipal enterprises will be using the service.
  • E-documentation services like these require no other permits. Creators of such services might also wonder where to place the server containing user information.

Should it be located in Ukraine only? After all, the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data” restricts transfer of personal information to other countries. According to ILF associate partner Anton Zinchuk, hosting may be registered abroad, but only in the countries of the European Economic Area and signatory countries of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data.

ILF provided support to the startup's idea. Soon their service will be helping Ukrainian business work faster and without unnecessary paperwork.

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