Olexiy Kharytonov protects client's reputation in court

National media resource Espreso.tv complied with a court decision by publishing on its website a retraction of the false and inflammatory information regarding Y. Sapronov (http://espreso.tv/news/2016/04/06/sprostuvannya_informaciyi_sapronov).

Earlier this media resource refused to publish a retraction, which led to a 7 month trial on protecting the reputation of ILF's client. ILF team under the guidance of Olexiy Kharytonov initiated inspections by law enforcement and secured replies to lawyer’s inquiries, which confirmed that the information about our client was false. Circulation of false information must be proven in court, which is why Espreso.tv purposely deleted the article from the website.

However, a copy of the article remained in Google's memory, and ILF lawyers involved experts that managed to get information from Google that the article about Y. Sapronov's activities had been published by Espreso.tv right before Kharkiv mayoral elections. Results of computer and linguistic analysis as well as witness statements were added to the evidence and served to resolve the dispute in our client’s favor.

Since it is the website’s owner who is responsible for publishing false information, the lawyers used legal precedents on earlier cases, according to which Espreso.tv belongs to Goldberry. Court decision in the case Sapronov v. Espreso.tv became a precedent in regards to using Google’s temporary files in order to prove dissemination of false information.

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