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Tetyana Gavrysh managing partner

For over 10 years we have been supporting energy projects and helping our clients invest in energy efficiency. In 2016-2017 20 energy service agreements were signed in Ukraine, with 5 of those implemented by us, and our clients are already saving up to 65% on energy resources.

We believe in building competitive energy markets where the participants are free to use every tool at their disposal. Together with Henkel we are implementing a social project - methodological recommendations for the associations of apartment buildings co-owners: we can help make buildings more energy efficient using bank loans and get compensation from local communities and the state. Our lawyers together with the experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms and the Ministry of Regional Development are improving legislation on the electricity market, energy cooperatives and energy services.


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Our services

For energy service companies

Are you planning an energy service project at a clinic, school or some other facility? We can help you verify your client’s integrity, prepare tender documents and protect your interests in the energy service contract.

For communities and civil society organizations

We can help you implement energy service projects at municipal facilities. We can check the facility's legal status and suggest several options for regulating relations with the investor: from energy service contracts to public-private partnerships (management, concession, etc.).

For energy efficiency investors

About to invest money in energy efficiency of municipal water supply or street lighting facilities? We can help you choose the best PPP mechanism, demonstrate it to the community and protect your rights and investment at every stage of the project.

For renewable energy investors

If you plan to produce electricity using renewable energy sources and get the feed-in tariff, we can help you find and register a land plot for the power plant, register power grid connection and obtain necessary permits.

For energy companies

We can analyze your business and make sure it’s ready for the new electricity market.



May 17, 2019
Ivan Bondarchuk
Ivan Bondarchuk
What stands in the way of investments in energy efficiency

Expediency, pragmatism, refraining from overconsumption - these are the trends in modern society. The quest for energy efficiency is a natural step in this direction. An echo of global trends is reaching our country too.

May 6, 2019
Ivan Bondarchuk
Ivan Bondarchuk
Household solar power plants: who and why is inconvenienced by new legislation

On April 25, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted bill No. 8449-d, radically changing regulations in the renewable energy sector. Among other things, the law received amendment No. 24, which limits the ability of owners of solar power plants located on the grounds of private households to sell electricity at a higher price (the "green" rate) than that of electricity produced at conventional power plants.


Feb. 18, 2019
Ivan Bondarchuk
Ivan Bondarchuk
How business will be buying energy in 2019. Contracts and terms

On 31 January 2019 Ukraine’s energy market started changing. In December consumers were already getting notices on changes in electric power suppliers as well as persistent proposals to sign new contracts.