Anton Zinchuk of counsel

For 12 years we have been helping clients in IT to create and expand their business in Ukraine in order to enter U.S. and EU markets. In 2015 Legal Awards named us Ukraine’s best law firm working in IT.

The IT market grows by 15-20% every year. For market leaders this means new customers, colleagues, business structure, operation and document standards, as well as the need to work in a safe and legal environment. Our clients are investors and startup owners, service providers and manufacturers, outsourcing companies and Internet projects.

We aim to improve IT legislation and for that we submit amendment bills and work with relevant civil society organizations (IT-Ukraine, EBA, Kharkiv IT Cluster, etc.). We provide consultations to new business owners as part of the social project of the company Legal Hours for IT.


clients in 2015-2017


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Our services

If you wish to create or legalize your IT business, we can help you start a company in Ukraine or abroad, set up an account in a foreign bank, set up relations with your team, rent an office and prepare standard contracts (software development agreement, NDA, EULA, etc.).

If an important client from the U.S., Israel or EU wants to work with you and proposes a contract, we can check how beneficial this contract is for you, to ensure that your client will not be able to change the workload within one budget, will pay you on time and demand reasonable deadlines, and we can help you convince your client to change the contract appropriately.

Our lawyers will communicate with law and regulatory authorities on your behalf, show you how to act when uniforms arrive, and do their best to ensure that work goes on, and your servers along with all the other hardware stay put during inspections.