ILF lawyers help client keep money in dispute on obligatory area development

ILF helped a client save UAH 200,000, winning a litigation regarding unsubstantiated actions of a city council in every court instance.

After the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Regulating City Building Activities” in 2011, individuals and legal entities wishing to undertake area development must sign a partnership agreement on city infrastructure development. The city council sued our client demanding UAH 200,000 for the failure to sign such an agreement. Such lawsuits have been filed numerous times against other Kharkiv residents as well.

The client's land had undergone development as early as 2006, and ILF lawyers managed to prove that legal relations between the parties had arisen before the above-mentioned law was passed, and therefore the client violated no laws.

The case went through every judicial instance with all rulings favoring the client. The final verdict was up to the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, which confirmed the validity of ILF’s position and dismissed the city council's cassation appeal in September 2015.

The client was represented by ILF lawyer Yekaterina Oleynik with the guidance of ILF partner Olexiy Kharytonov.

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