ILF lawyers protected food producer during tax inspection saving 30 million uah

ILF’s client produces over 40 kinds of meat and meat products and sells them to retail chain stores, small and medium-sized businesses. During a planned inspection of the meat-packing plant, the territorial fiscal body questioned the legitimacy of assigning fuel purchase for the company’s cars and currency exchange rate difference of the purchase of new imported equipment on the installment plan, to the company's expenses. The State Fiscal Service had an issue with the unit cost of sold products by titles and types of meat products.

The inspection could have cost ILF’s client 20 million UAH of additional income tax and over 10 million UAH of VAT because of the dubious policy of fiscal authorities on submitting information on currency exchange rate difference, forming unit cost in accordance with accounting standards, and communication with counterparties that fiscal authorities consider to be shady.

ILF senior lawyer Yelena Kalinina, understanding the specifics of the client's activities and internal management processes, proved to SFS inspectors the groundlessness of their claims that the company's costs were overstated. Using actual court practice, the lawyer defended the client's interests at the stage of the tax audit, helping the business save 30 million UAH.

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