Starting a business abroad

Arsen Buchkovskii of counsel

Visa-free travel and information technologies are erasing borders for business expansion. We help Ukrainian companies meet the requirements of foreign clients and banks, and adjust their business to new geographic and product markets.

Your company’s country of registration affects everything: what taxes and in what amount you have to pay, how the cash will flow in your business, where to open a bank account and whether foreign clients will be willing to work with you.

Trusted partners in 44 countries keep us informed of the latest de-offshorization trends and allow us to recommend our clients the safest and most profitable country for starting a company and opening a bank account.

Our services

For those planning to enter foreign markets

We will provide consultations on taxes and business management in the country you choose and offer alternative jurisdictions, taking into account your specific product and cooperation format with foreign clients. We will help you register your company, formalize relations with clients and open an account in a foreign bank. We will handle the first shipment of a product/service.

If you plan on transferring the assets and business from a Ukrainian company to a foreign one or dividing functions and assets between them, we can develop a step-by-step algorithm for the transfer. We will explain when to conduct deals and how to formalize them, calculate tax implications and prepare required documents.

BEPS test for those already operating in foreign markets

If you already own a company abroad, we can check whether your business model meets the requirements of the BEPS plan and automatic exchange of tax data. BEPS plan is aimed at fighting tax base erosion. According to it, taxes must be paid in the same country the money is earned in. An express audit will allow to assess risks associated with the new restrictions in Ukraine and abroad. We can anticipate them by making timely changes to the business structure or contracts.

For those buying a business or real estate abroad

We will tell you how to formalize this, taking into account taxes, foreign currency transactions and requirements of Ukrainian and foreign law. We will protect your interests when signing a contract and formalizing the asset, and help you plan subsequent transfers of assets to beneficiaries.

Contracts with foreign clients

We can help strike a deal with foreign clients. We will prepare your documents and check those of your client. If a client suggests his own version of a contract, we will make sure that it protects your interests: reflects all arrangements, clearly determines obligations and terms for their fulfillment, and contains no hidden risks, tax implications or penalties. If necessary, we can help persuade your client to make required changes to the contract.