Tax consulting and disputes

Arsen Buchkovskii of counsel

We represent business in tax disputes on ambiguous interpretation of legal norms and unlawful actions by fiscal authorities. We help companies anticipate tax implications of deals in their current activities.

Between 2015 and 2017 we helped Ukrainian and international companies keep over UAH 400 million in disputes with fiscal authorities.

Our services

Tax planning

We can help you if you intend to change your business organization or export-import operations, or plan on buying or selling business, real estate or land. Our lawyers and tax consultants will help you assess tax implications of intended deals and offer options for their registration.

We will offer the best forms of business organization and relations with counterparties and employees. We will take into account such factors as tax savings, ease of implementation and subsequent administration, as well as risks of governmental control and regulation of certain activities.

Support during tax inspections

To begin with, we will analyze your company’s business processes and documents. This will help eliminate potential risks and protect your company’s officers from criminal prosecution. We will also train your team and tell them how to act before, during and after inspections.

We will be talking to regulatory authorities during inspections. We will prepare replies to official inquiries, taking into account specific circumstances of your case and subsequent protection strategy.

If necessary, after the end of an inspection we will appeal against the orders of fiscal authorities. We will also lodge complaints against actions and decisions of fiscal authorities in order to protect your interests during the procedure of administrative appeals against additional taxes.

Legal representation and protection in criminal cases

If the State Fiscal Service imposes additional taxes on you, breaks the law or ambiguously interprets certain laws, we will contact the Business Ombudsman Council and appeal against such actions in court. If additional taxes result in a criminal case, we will handle communications with law enforcement and represent the company’s managers and executives during preliminary interrogations and in court.



March 13, 2018
Anton Zinchuk
Anton Zinchuk
Olena Kalinina
Olena Kalinina
Hassle-free acquisition of commercial real estate

According to the Property Times 1 , in 2017 Ukraine’s economy started showing signs of recovery. This precipitated an increase in consumer demand in the country by more than 7% and led to changes in the expansion strategies among retailers.